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Cape Verde

The land area of Cape Verde is 4,033 km2, distributed in ten islands and has a population of 513 221 inhabitants living on the islands and about 700.00 emigrants, mainly in the USA, Portugal, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Angola, Senegal, etc.

Cape Verde imports about 80% of their needs for consumption and exports are limited. The country invests heavily in the development of tourism, which already has a significant weight in the economy, taking advantage of the natural beauty, mild climate (dry tropical with an annual average of 25 º C), security, political stability and significant investment in education and infrastructure country.

Cape Verdean economy had extraordinary gains since the country’s independence in 1975. These last 35 years all the macro-economic and social indicators have evolved considerably, which resulted in January 2008 in Graduation parents to “PARENTS OF AVERAGE INCOME” leaving behind the distressing indicators of “underdeveloped countries”.